Florida Master Naturalist Uplands Nature Journal

Florida Master Naturalist Uplands Nature Journal

Communing with Nature at CREW Cypress Dome Preserve Trails

Since I was a child, my deepest spiritual connections with nature have come in the stillness as I hiked in the forest or listened to the waves crashing on the beach. Nature can calm and heal the soul, and re-charge one during troubled times. Family bonds can also be built and strengthened when out in nature.

Find beauty in things most people don’t take notice of and in creatures others find ugly or frightening. Explore nature wherever you are. Slow down and listen. Use your senses to memorize those peaceful moments of stillness in the wild. Crouch down in the grasses, look inside the flowers, and don’t forget to look up into the canopy of trees and the vastness of the sky. Notice tiny details you’ve never paid attention to before. Be amazed, and then pass on the miraculous stories of nature to others.

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